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Top 5 Unique Wine Pairings.

Top 5 Unique Wine Pairings, via Google Wine Guide

If wine and cheese pairings have you yawning, Google Wine Guide is here to shake up your world. This app gives wine pairings for everything from gummy bears to your Chipotle steak burrito. We asked Google Wine Guide founder Stu Carnes to share some of the most unique wine pairings people are requesting.

Carnes was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library TV. This channel turned Youtube into a home for approachable wine education, with a hint of irreverence. Similarly, Carnes wanted to give Google Home an accessible library of wine knowledge. Like Wine Library TV, Google Wine Guide takes an unpretentious outlook on wine.

“I saw an opportunity to bring real value to wine enthusiasts like myself, who love wine and want to pair it with their favorite dishes, but don’t have the time to search long articles and want an instant answer wherever they are,” says founder Stu Carnes. To find the right wine pairing, Google Wine Guide thinks about the main ingredients in the dish, consults multiple wine publications or websites, and then makes a final recommendation. It culls through authorities such as Wine Library TV, Food & Wine, Food Network, Wine Spectator, and Wine Enthusiast to identify what wine will match your dish. It can even offer example bottles to try.

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