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5 Instaworthy Wine Finds

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

We’ve mastered iPhone food photography. But wine photos? Let’s face it, those iPhone snaps of a wine bottle on a cluttered kitchen counter could use some love. Here are five items to make your next wine photo a little more instaworthy.

1. Twist Decanter

Aside from making wine look good, decanters go a long way in taking the edge off of a young (or cheap) bottle of wine, rounding out its flavors. Uncommon Goods’ twist decanter is mesmerizing to watch and photograph. As you pour wine into the decanter, it is aerated in a spiraling cascade.

2. Gravity-Defying Wine Stand

If decanters seem a bit formal for your wine consumption, a gravity-defying wine stand is a fun way to showcase special bottles. There are quite a few different versions to choose from — we like this illusion bamboo wine bottle holder from Apollo Box. You can even attempt to make your own stand (but be sure to test it out with some cheap bottles first!).

3. Statement Wine Towels

Set the stage (and catch the inevitable wine spills) with some photoworthy accessories. These statement-making towels and coasters from Wine Winks add personality to any setting.

4. Sophisticated-Yet-Simple Glassware

. Do justice to your cellared bottles with drinkware worthy of the wine. We love the beautiful simplicity of Riedel‘s swirl glasses. The stemless shape makes them low-key enough for everyday usage. The unique indent is both photogenic and functional, making the glass easier to grip.

5. Stylish Serving Trays

To complete your instaworthy scene, think about where the wine will be served. There’s no need to buy new furniture — all it takes is a beautiful serving platter. This gilded mirror trayfrom West Elm takes your wine from kitchen counter to bar service in seconds.

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